The world’s most valuable metal

There are hundreds of millions of illicit firearms in the world. As a result, someone is shot and killed every minute.

Humanium is a new material made of recycled metal from weapons destruction programs. The metal is melted and molded into certified units, and is now made available for commercial production.

Brands for peace

By using Humanium, your brand can help the world become a more peaceful place. Anything made out of any metal today can carry a message of peace tomorrow. Destructed firearms can be turned into jewelry, buttons, tools, smartphone cases, bolts, or even toys. The list can go on forever.

Weapons of mass destruction

Armed violence is a worldwide problem. Every day, this accounts for more than 1,500 deaths. Every year at least 500.000 people are killed by firearms, making small arms true “weapons of mass destruction”.

The costs of armed violence extend beyond the loss of human life and physical harm. Given the variety of impacts that violence can have on a society, measuring the social and economic consequences of armed violence is complex.

The annual global economic costs of armed violence run into the hundreds of billions of dollars. The global cost of “insecurity” generated by armed violence is estimated at $400 billion annually, and it could decrease the GDP growth of an average economy by at least two per cent per year.

With a goal to be part of a solution to this situation, Humanium can truly be said to be the most valuable metal in the world.

“Small arms are weapons of mass destruction. I support the Humanium initiative as an important action towards a more civilized world”

IM Swedish Development Partner

IM Swedish Development Partner has a long history of working in some of the most affected countries where gun-related violence is holding back development. In order to effectively fight the spread of illegal arms, as well as finding new ways to deliver financial support for victims of gun-related violence, IM sought a completely new way to address the problem: Seek the support of the most influential lobbying group known - Consumers.

“Gun violence is a big threat to South Africa’s democracy, and a major stumbling block to the realisation of a fully shared humanity. Humanium is one contribution towards achieving a nonviolent future.”

How brands can help

Using Humanium, brands can help the world become a more peaceful place.

IM works closely with local organizations and governments. All products produced using Humanium create new sources of funding for more weapon destruction programs. This enables organizations such as IM to continue to support victims of gun-related violence, as well as efforts to rebuild conflict-torn societies.

A Humanium-based product not only delivers financial support to affected individuals and countries, it also carries a strong ethical message.

Your brand, together with the consumers who purchase your products, will be part of the solution to one of the world’s greatest problems. Finally, peace has a price.









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There are over 500 million illegal guns in the world

Someone is killed every minute

The cost of Gun-related violence is estimated at USD 400 Billion

Finally, peace has a price


Ann Svensén

Ann Svensén

Secretary general

IM Swedish Development Partner

Born in Sweden in 1961, appointed as Secretary General of IM Swedish Development Partner in 2013.

Since she took office the organization has been awarded the first long term frame agreement with Sida (the Swedish governmental agency for development cooperation), meaning that IM is one of a selected number of major Swedish NGO´s holding a long term basket funding arrangement.

Before joining IM she was head of policy and advocacy of RFSU, the most influential CSO-actor when it comes to SRHR in Sweden and one the world´s oldest and strongest organizations’ working in this field.

Ann has thirty years of experience of brand development and working with creating shared values in the sector of business development and branding.

She has served on the Board of Directors to the Guttmacher Institute, was a member of the UNFPA Global NGO Advisory Panel and twize chair of the EuroNGO network.

Ann currently serves on the Pathfinder International´s Board of Directors.

Peter Brune

Peter Brune

Senior adviser

IM Swedish Development Partner

Peter Brune, born 1963 in Sweden, project leader for the Humanium Initiative, is currently working as Senior Advisor for IM Swedish Development Partner.

Previous assignments include positions such as Director for Human Security and Secretary General of SweFOR (1995-2004), Executive Director of LPI (2004-2008), Secretary General for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan and as Secretary General for the European Network of NGO´s in Afghanistan (2010-2013).

2008-2010 he was the Senior Advisor at the UNDP/SICA program CASAC (Central American Small Arms Control) and also one of the founders of the Parliamentary Forum on Small Arms as well as member of the council on peace and conflict resolution at the Swedish Foreign Ministry.

Peter has been working with Swedish and international civil society organizations for many years, related to disarmament and international development cooperation.

Miguel A. Barreiro


Senior adviser

Humanium Project

Building on his J.D in Law and executive education on strategic communications, Miguel has spent more than a decade working with the United Nations on conflict prevention, democratic governance and recently focused on partnership building and mass communication.

His experience ranges from crisis to middle income countries working effectively with a range of local partners, including non-state actors, local councils, MPs, high ranking government officials, CSOs and private sector in a variety of country settings.

Miguel excels in data analysis of key development indicators and web project management experience; he has supported UN agencies to design partnership building and community awareness strategies in Somalia, Algeria, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Mozambique and Lebanon.

He currently works at the World Leadership Alliance as outreach and advocacy senior advisor and collaborates  the UN System in Cambodia to develop the 2016-2018 Joint Advocacy and Partnership Building Strategy.

Anders Ygeman

Minister for Home Affairs

Sofia Damm

Member of the Swedish Parliament, Foreign Affairs Committee

Alexandra Charles

Founder and president of the 1.6 & 2.6 Million Club

Anders Wijkman

Opinion maker and author, chairman of the Swedish Association of Recycling Industries, and senior advisor to the Stockholm Environment Institute

Ann Svensén

Secretary general IM – Swedish Development Partner

Karin Olofsson

Secretary general Parliamentary Forum on Small Arms and Light Weapons

Mikael Lindgren

Policy advisor, Church of Sweden

Mohamed Ahmed

Survivor of gun violence

Navid Modiri

Artist and lecturer

Pyry Niemi

Member of the Swedish Parliament, Foreign Affairs Committee