A Human Security Approach to Gun Violence

Physical security and full access to human rights are   inextricably linked. IM’s experience has shown that gun   violence threatens human security of our right-holders,     impeding all human rights work. That is why we have started   to work on tackling the root causes of gun violence, including   poverty, lack of good governance and cultures of violence.   Approaches to ending gun violence which only focus on   security are insufficient and frequently do not respect the   human rights of those targeted.

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 A Human Security Approach to Gun Violence:

Prevent Gender Based Gun Violence!

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, violence against   women and LGBT* persons has been increasing. Isolation,   anxiety, and economic insecurity can be factors associated   with increased control and violence within the home. In cases   of domestic violence the presence of a gun increases the   likelihood of homicide five-fold. Maybe you have seen   worrying trends in your surroundings? Your actions are   important right now because now we must create a safer   society together. Everyone has responsibility!

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 Prevent Gender Based Violence

The Africa We Want: Silencing the Guns.

 It is argued that coordinated measures to stop the   proliferation and misuse of arms must not just aim at   removing guns from the streets of Africa and from criminal   gangs and traffickers, but must also involve the effective   implementation of internationally agreed best practices by   state authorities, agencies and security forces, as well as   involve the strengthening of national laws in line with relevant   treaty obligations of African States relating to the transfer of   weapons, munitions and related equipment. This paper   examines how arms control and disarmament efforts can   contribute to solving the multifaceted challenges of the   African Union (AU) project called “Silencing the Guns”. This   project was initiated in 2013 on the 50thanniversary of the AU   with the aim of ending all wars in Africa by 2020.

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 The Africa We Want

Voices of Women: On guns, violence and activism

While the gendered dimension of gun violence have slowly   received more attention in the relevant forums, there is a lack of   understanding of the multifaceted impact gun violence has on   women. This paper aims to address this gap by providing   perspectives of women affected by gun violence. Instead of   letting statistics speak, this paper lets women speak.

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Voices of Women by Humanium Metal, IM

Gender-based gun violence policy paper: South Africa case study

Recognising the lack of women and LGBTQI voices in international disarmament discussions, IM Sweden
commissioned a series of country case studies to raise the voices of women and LGBTQI gun violence survivors and activists.

In South Africa, Gun Free South Africa, an NGO that works to reduce gun violence to create a safer and more secure country, was appointed to undertake a literature review and series of interviews with survivors and activists to help fill gaps in our understanding of armed violence.

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South Africa Case Study

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