The story of Abeke 

Guns facilitate a variety of crimes, including sexual violence. The story of Abeke exemplifies that. Abeke is 17 years old and is residing in a camp in Benue State, Nigeria. Abeke was following orders by a female security guard in the camp, to meet with one of the male security agents. She did not know why she was supposed to meet him but did not want to reject the request of security personnel. When she got to the location, the man dragged her into an empty house. Abeke resisted him at first but when she noticed he had raised his uniform to expose the gun he had tucked in by his side she did not dare to and she was raped by him. As a survivor of the farmer herder conflict Abeke already experienced traumatic events, as she had seen guns, heard them and seen people who have been killed by them. Abeke has received psychosocial support and has been in contact with other women and girls in the camp that experienced violence. She says that she is back at her feet and was brave enough to tell her experience to Mimidoo AchapkaExecutive Director of Women’s Rights to Education Program and IANSA Women’s Network member 

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