For many of us, this year feels more tiresome than ever, being confronted with a pandemic and related measures. At the same time, we are still facing the very same challenges often even in exacerbated levels. This is very true for gender-based violence 

Therefore, we jointly raise our voices globally during the 16 days of Activism against gender-based violence. You might wonder, what guns have to do with violence against women and the LGBTQ* community?  

  • A gun at home increases the likelihood of domestic violence having a fatal outcome by five times. During the pandemic, domestic violence has soared and so have gun sales, an explosive mixture putting women at risk 
  • Guns are often used as tools to facilitate crimes, including sexual violence. This happens in conflicts, such as in Syria, as well as in your neighborhood.  

 We think that this is inacceptable. While we are working on the underlying causes to prevent further violence, we also think that it is important to take the gun out of the equation to reduce the impact. Now!  

Join us and #StoptheBullets. 

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