SDG10: Reduced inequalities

Gun violence both reflects and amplifies a wide range of inequalities. The devastating economic effects of gun violence discussed in SDG1 and SDG8 widen the gap of opportunity between affluent and poor communities. The power asymmetries that are used to oppress women and LGBTQ* individuals are magnified by the threat of gun violence which, even when not acted upon, is used to restrict movement and psychologically traumatize. Racial and ethnic minority communities frequently face disproportionate levels of gun violence and face increased discrimination and violence as a result. Those who live at the intersection of these communities are forced to face each oppression magnified by the other. In order to protect these communities it is essential that they have equal representation at national and international decision making bodies. They are dramatically under-represented right now at every level. For example, at international disarmament events less than a fifth of statements are likely to be given by a woman.  

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