Årets Dörröppnare Awards

Writer Evin Cetin’s “Årets Dörröppnare” awards are made of destroyed guns and go to Kollektiv Sorg, Buddy Company, Shiraz Heinola and anonymous.

Humanium Metal initiative by IM is partnering up with Evin Cetin for a new award that honors the work of anti-violence change-makers in Sweden. For three years in a row, statue for another award, Right Livelihood that honors world’s foremost human rights activists, has been made out of Humanium Metal. Now the metal from destroyed guns is also being used for the creation of “Årets Dörröppnare” awards (“Door Opener of the Year”). 

“-We are proud to work together with Evin to honor the courage of those who open the discussions of gun violence realities in Sweden and create change,” says IM Secretary General Martin Nihlgård. 

Ex-politician and attorney who debuts her book 

In her debut book “Mitt ibland oss” (“Right among us” in English) Evin Cetin has shared the realities of daily shootings in which young people live in Sweden. After a decade in politics, she became an attorney working with protecting young people who are often recruited into drug business, and ignored and failed by the Swedish social system.  

“-I am very happy to work together with Humanium Metal by IM and together honor the young people with courage to drive the change and open doors in Swedish society to become more inclusive,” says Evin Cetin. 

2022 Awards go to Kollektiv Sorg, Buddy Company, Shiraz Heinola and anonymous  

On an event that brings together 450 politicians, artists, police and others, in Stockholm on November 29th, for the first time, Evin Cetin presented the awards to organizations and private individuals who have shown extraordinary work around opening conversations on the realities of gun violence in Sweden and driving the change towards a more inclusive society. Årets Dörröppnare statues are awarded to Buddy Company and Kollektiv Sorg, and Shiraz Heinola and the anonymous ex-criminal entrepreneur are awarded with Humanium Metal x Triwa watches, also made out of destroyed weapons. 

Buddy Company is providing home services and tech support who have employed numerous ex-criminal young people to give chances to those who are otherwise overlooked on the job market. 

Kollektiv Sorg is a campaign organized by Sakariya Hirsi and Josef Farhan that raises the issues of gun violence and shootings from the people behind the headlines. Through art, poetry and personal stories, the campaign humanizes people in areas most affected by gun violence. 

Shiraz Heinola was 12 when he was labeled by the police and society as criminal. As a result of societal expectations, violence and crime become a part of his everyday life. Until the age of 18, when he decided to leave the former lifestyle and start over. In October 2022 he was one of the figures in the Sverige Har Ett Sår campaign film where he openly shared his journey and, together with IM, content agency Futency and other participants, presented what needs to change in Swedish dialogue on gun violence. The campaign reached country-wide awareness in print and online, and with openness and courage Shiraz has become a role model for other young people. 

The profit goes to communities affected by gun violence 

Humanium Metal is called the world’s most precious metal, as the destruction of illegal firearms helps save human lives. 

“Humanium Metal doesn’t just get guns off the streets. We also have the opportunity to support the communities and people affected by gun violence, through the money we receive from the metal’s products,” says IM Secretary-General Martin Nihlgård. 

For pictures of the Årets Dörröppnare sculpture, press this link. 

For pictures from the event and award ceremony, press this link. 

For more information on Sverige Har Ett Sår: humanium-metal.com/sverige-har-ett-sar 

For more information on Kollektiv Sorg: https://www.amnesty.se/agerahub/kollektiv-sorg-sida/kollektivsorg/ 

For more information on Buddy Company: https://buddycompany.com/ 


For other information, please contact: 

Olena Rogozina, Innovation Lead Humanium Metal, phone +46 (0)729 36 1747, olena.rogozina@imsweden.org 

Amanda Pietersen, Press Secretary IM, phone +46 (0)704-10 03 23, amanda.pietersen@imsweden.org 


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