Humanium Metal by IM on display at UN exhibition in New York

Release date: 2019-11-25

On 26 November, the IM celebrates new successes in the work for peaceful and inclusive societies. Then a booth with products of our peace metal Humanium Metal will be inaugurated at the UN headquarters in New York.

It is the UN Secretariat’s disarmament department, UNODA, which now welcomes Humanium Metal by IM to the permanent disarmament exhibition, which is visited by over 250 000 people every year.

The Humanium Metal stand will include a watch, an HM thank you and a bracelet by Humanium Metal. In addition to UNODA, Sweden’s AMBASSADOR to the UN, Olof Skoog, El Salvador’s AMBASSADOR to the UN and IM Secretary-General Martin Nihlgård will host the inauguration. At the opening ceremony, the items are displayed to member states, organizations, UN personnel and the media, among others.

UNODA is the UN department where all disarmament work is coordinated. They are working against the illegal flows of SALW that undermine both security and the rule of law and are closely linked to human rights violations.

Humanium Metal by IM turns destroyed and illegal firearms in violent areas into non-lethal goods for peace. The money generated from the sale of the goods goes back to the hard-line communities of El Salvador. This breaks a vicious circle of violence and poverty and contributes to peaceful and inclusive societies, fully in line with global objective 16.

Before the inauguration, the IM will have an informal meeting with young people to raise awareness of how innmperious and gun control saves lives.

What: Opening ceremony of the Humanium Metal stand at the UN

When: Tuesday 26 November 2019, 16:00 to 17:00 (EST)

Where: Exhibit area of the Delegates Entrance (GA-01)

Which: Olof Skoog, Sweden’s AMBASSADOR to the UN, Martin Nihlgård, Secretary-General IM, Individual Human Aid, Rubén Ignacio Zamora Rivas, El Salvador’s AMBASSADOR to the UN, Mary Soliman, UNODA Director.

Maher Nasser, head of the Outreach Division (Department of Global Communications) will moderate the event.

For more information:

Suzanne Oosterwijk, UN Office for Disarmament, e-mail:, tel: +1 917 367 2556.

Jacqueline Duerre, Program Manager Humanium Metal by IM, +46 704 10 80 56.


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