CT Against Gun Violence (CAGV)

Advocacy, Gun/Armed Violence, Lobbying

United States

Since our founding in 1993, CAGV has lobbied effectively for some of the strongest gun laws in the country. ​

We were behind the original 1993 assault weapons ban, only the third state to do so. ​

We helped pass the country’s first gun seizure law following the brutal 1998 killing of CT Lottery officials by a disgruntled employee.​

In 2007, CAGV led lobbying to pass a bill requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms to stem their diversion into illegal markets. ​

Following the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook School, CAGV worked closely with the CT legislature to enact universal background checks, an expanded assault weapons ban and limits on large capacity magazines.​

CAGV collaborated with domestic violence prevention advocates to close the loophole that let domestic abusers subject to temporary restraining orders possess firearms.​

With our large network of activists, we can quickly mobilize grassroots advocacy to contact legislators by the hundreds, travel to Hartford to testify at public hearings and get media attention through opinion pieces and local rallies.

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