Instituto de Enseñanza Para el Desarrollo Sostenible (IEPADES)

Advocacy, Awareness raising, Gun/Armed Violence, Non-proliferation

Zona 13

Its work is aimed at the construction of an inclusive, participatory and democratic State and Society founded in the search for peace respectful of the fundamental rights of all people, strengthening the exercise of citizenship and community self-management through the appropriation of social processes to influence decision-making at the local, national and international levels.

Within the application of the human security model in a democratic society, people are considered as the center of all social and political action, therefore IEPADES considers that it is necessary to promote respect for Human Rights, especially of vulnerable populations such as the childhood, youth, women, the elderly and disabled people.

It works in response to different lines of action, which revolve around the principles of human security, contemplating the right to a decent life in a healthy environment, without discrimination by gender, ethnicity, disability or age group. Specifically, it works for sustainable human development, prevention and reduction of violence, and access to justice.

Among the lines of work are:

Local development
Risk prevention
Control of Arms and Ammunition
Local Management of Security and Justice
Security Sector Reform
Prevention of Armed Violence

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