Instituto de Estudios Comparados En Ciencias Penales y Sociales

Education, Research

Buenos Aires

Our institutional objectives are framed in the field of transformation processes of the administration of justice, and more specifically in the construction of a less violent penal system that is more respectful of human dignity. They can be summarized as:

Contribute to the consolidation and progressive strengthening of the rule of law in the countries of Latin America, working intensively in the specific field of the transformation processes of the judicial and penal systems linked to the democratic transition of the countries of the region .
Improve the legal instruments that help to guarantee full respect for fundamental rights, and that contribute to strengthening the system of guarantees as a way of building tools that eliminate or limit the advance of authoritarianism within judicial institutions in general and the criminal system in special.
Build a rigorous scientific perspective and committed to the fundamental rights of people, constantly training professionals who meet a high technical level with a proven commitment in the fight against any form of authoritarianism and institutional violence.
Consolidate a fluid network of regional exchange, through the signing of cooperation and exchange agreements with different non-governmental organizations that have objectives similar to ours, belonging to the other Latin American countries, which carry out the development and execution of joint projects .

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