The Peace Pledge Union

Advocacy, Awareness raising, Disarmament, Education, Non-proliferation, Peace

United Kingdom

The Peace Pledge Union is a pacifist campaigning organisation. We have been promoting pacifism since 1934, in alliance with other pacifists around the world. We also work with other peace and human rights campaigners. Our current projects include:

> We work on peacebuilding and nonviolence, providing educational resources on issues such as conflict resolution and the causes of war. We maintain an extensive archive on conscientious objection and make much of this information available online.

> We call for remembrance for all victims of war of all nationalities, with remembrance linked to a commitment to peace and a rejection of militarism. These values are exemplified by the white poppies that we distribute ever year.

> We challenge everyday militarism: the introduction of Armed Forces Day, the rise in military visits to schools, the veneration of the armed forces, and other practicies that normalise war and weaponry.

> We speak up in the media and in public about military spending and recruitment, calling for the UK’s military budget - the seventh largest in the world - to be spent instead on tackling the causes of war.

> As the British section of War Resisters’ International, we work alongside pacifists and other peace activists around the world, united against war and militarism wherever they appear.

> We support our members in the promotion of peace, ranging from nonviolent direct action to campaigns in workplaces, universities and local communities. You can read more in our magazine, Peace Matters.

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